You Have A Million-Dollar Gift. Now What?

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Have you ever given somebody the perfect gift for Christmas only to witness them never use the darn thing? Or how about the time you gave your best friend the perfect gift for his birthday, only to see it thrown in the corner of his garage the next time you came to visit. How did that make you feel? If I had to guess, you were probably a little cheesed off, or maybe even hurt. Well, imagine how your creator feels.

Your Talent Is A Gift

When you were born, your creator gifted you with certain talents. Face it, there are some things you do better than the average Joe or Jane. There are talents inside you that, when you push fear aside, can change people’s lives. It may sound hokey at first, but hear me out.

Can you imagine a world without Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar? (Yes, I know Zig has moved on, but he remains alive through his books and audios and teachings) Both Zig and Tony have enormous amounts of talent. Just look at how many lives they have touched. Look at how many people benefitted from their talents. I shudder to think what the world would be like had Tony or Zig threw their talents to the side, like an unwanted gift thrown in the corner of your garage.

Your talent may not be speaking or training, but you do have a talent. Maybe you can write, motivate, teach, comfort or create. Whatever it is, it’s time to use your talent and showcase it for the world to see. After all, you were not put on this earth by some accident. And your creator did not gift you with wicked awesome talents just so you can hide them and live a life of mediocrity.

Your Million Dollar Gift

Every million dollar business begins with a thought. And that thought, when acted upon, becomes a thing. That thought you have that keeps reoccurring isn’t put there by accident. Odds are that thought somehow aligns with your talents. And I’m 100% confident that if you acted on your thoughts, you would probably help a lot of people, starting with you.

In 1961, a man had a vision that “this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” And in 1969, that vision (thought) became reality. Though John. F. Kennedy was not here to physically see Apollo 11 land on the moon and return home safely, it was his vision (thoughts) that set the wheel in motion. (That, coupled with the fact the United States was involved in a space race with Russia. But that’s another story for another time).

Or how about the woman who was a professional salesperson in the late 1930’s through 1950’s, who was tired of watching men pass her up for promotion. She trained the men who were promoted ahead of her and earned higher salaries. She got peeved off and in 1963 with $5,000 she started her own company. The company was (and is) run primarily by women. Her company is now worth over $3 billion and employs over 3 million sales people across the globe. The company, of course, is Mary Kay. Can you imagine what the world would be like without people like Mary Kay Ash?

Your talent(s) are worth millions (or billions) as in the case with Mary Kay Ash. So why do you sit on them or hide them or neglect them? Odds are you already know what your talents are. It’s time to use them for good. It’s time to use them to help others. And it’s time to use your talents to leave your dent in the universe, as Steve Jobs would say.

Use What You’ve Got To Get What You Want

It’s time to unleash your talents and do what you were put on this earth to do. Stop working a job you hate. Stop being around people that annoy you. Stop filling your calendar with things that suck the life out of you. And stop throwing your talents in the corner of your garage, only to collect dust and moths. Let out of you what your creator put in you.

Focus on your vision for your life. Your life is what you make of it. So why not make something awesome? Every day when I wake up, I focus on my vision for my business. So that way, I can start my day doing something that matters to me and brings me joy.

My vision is to increase the quality of life for business owners by helping them increase the quality of their business. And, how do I fulfill that? By employing my mission. And my mission is equally as simple. I help small business owners increase their profits without increasing their advertising costs, guaranteed.

Money is not everything to a small business owner. But face it, if you’re a business owner, your life sure is a lot better when you’re in the black isn’t it? I’m able to do this because I’m using my talents.

I was gifted with the ability to speak, motivate, and inspire. I pepper that with my passion for marketing. Then I share what I know with as many people as possible. Thus, helping me create the life I want and enjoy. Every day I wake up and focus on how I can serve more people and increase the quality of their businesses. And by so doing, my bank account stays in the black…the waaaaay black.

Your Next Move

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I’ll talk to you soon.


Shane Boyd

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