Whose Life Are You Living Anyway?

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It may sound like a crazy question, but it’s worth asking. Whose life are you living anyway? In this article, I will not delve into the conversation of “my dad wanted me to do this” or “my spouse insisted I take this job.” But what I will talk a little about is your business, your life and how you run both of them.

When it comes to your business, you will be more profitable if you play to your strengths and outsource the rest. It sounds logical at first. I mean, why would you spend most of your time working on something you’re just not good at? It doesn’t make much sense does it? Well, that’s what you are taught in school.

The Old Model

In school (elementary school, high school, college and graduate school), you are tutored on what you’re bad at. For example, I have an MBA. However, I would never have earned that MBA if I could not pass Calculus or Accounting. Neither of them am I very good at. I have no desire to factor numbers and I have less desire in reading and writing financial spreadsheets all day. If my life depended on my factoring of numbers and writing financial reports, I’d die. Yet, I had to get tutored and spend countless hours studying for tests and doing work that will move me no closer to my main objective in life.

On the other hand, put me in front of an audience and ask me to deliver a one hour presentation and I’ll hit a homerun every time. That’s one of my strengths. Yet, there was little focus on it in undergrad or grad school. More time was spent on tutoring me on what I was bad at. Silly.

It would be like trying to teach a duck to climb a tree. Sure, the duck can swim excellent, but for some reason, society thinks the duck should climb a tree. So the duck is tutored and shown how to climb a tree (like a squirrel). Eventually the duck can climb a tree…okay. However, in the meantime, the duck’s webbed feet are damaged from bark on trees and the duck can no longer swim efficiently. Thus, rendering the duck mediocre at both climbing AND swimming.

It sounds absurd, but it happens all the time. So I ask you again. Whose life are you living anyway? Are you playing to your strengths in your business, or are you constantly being tutored on what you’re weak at? You were created on purpose. You did not evolve from the slime. Your Creator gave you unique talents and abilities. Use them!

If you continue to struggle in your business, it may be because you are not playing to your strengths. You might be performing tasks that other people are more equipped to fulfill.

The New Model: Use What You’ve Got To Get Ahead

In my line of work, I need to be in front of business owners in order to help them increase their profits without increasing their advertising costs. There are a myriad of ways of getting customers, but direct mail and telemarketing work best for my business. I like direct mail, but I hate doing cold calls. So guess what? I outsource my cold calling.

I’ve hired a telemarketing firm to handle all my cold calls. I purchase the lists of businesses for them to call, work with them on a script, tell them how many appointments I want and at what times, then put them to work. BAM! Problem solved. I get an easy to read report of who was called and who I am meeting at what time. All I have to do is do some research on the company, show up and close the deal. Case closed.

That business model is very profitable. It works. However, if left up to me it would never get accomplished. I’m not good at it and I hate doing it. Therefore, I won’t do it. So I outsource it, and voila! Problem solved. And I’m much happier for it.

You’ll Be Happier At Home If You’re Happier At Work

Since I’m much happier in my business life, it stands to reason that I’m much happier in my personal life. You see, as an entrepreneur, the buck stops on my desk. I can’t blame co-workers, managers, CEOs or anyone else. The onus is on me. It can be tough at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Even so, there have been times that I turned into Mr. Scrooge because money was tight and the bills weren’t getting paid. In those times, my family life was less than extraordinary. It was also in those times that I was “stuck” in a career I hated, doing a job that I loathed. And the worst thing was…I created the business! It was my own company that I hated. Something had to change or I was headed for a stroke in my mid 30’s.

A drastic change took place in my business life, thus creating a drastic change in my personal life. Money started rolling in quickly and easily and my entire outlook on life changed. It may sound shallow, but it’s true. It’s what led me to develop this vision statement for Shane Boyd Coaching, LLC…To improve the quality of life for small business owners by improving their business life.

And so it goes. I figured out how to improve my business life, thus helping me improve the quality of my personal life. And the change has been night and day. This little shift and thinking (and working) worked for me, and I’m 100% confident it’ll work for you too…if you trust the process.

I don’t know you personally and I won’t pretend to understand what you’re going through right now. But guess tells me if you’ve read this far then you can relate (at least a little) to what I’m talking about. And if that’s the case, then the next step for you would be to look at your business and ask, “Whose life am I living anyway?”

Your Next Step

At Shane Boyd Coaching LLC, I help small business owners increase the quality of their lives by helping them increase the quality of their business lives. And I do this by helping business owners increase their profits by 30% or more in 60 days or less without increasing their advertising costs. If that sounds like something you are ready to do, then I will ask you “When would now be a good time?”

Simply email me at shane@shaneboyd.net and put “increase my profits” in the subject line. I will respond to you shortly and we will schedule a no cost opportunity analysis and get you on the road to increasing your profits and enjoying your life a lot more.

Talk soon,

Shane Boyd

P.S. The opportunity analysis is free. And by doing the opportunity analysis, I will show you how to leverage your assets for exponential growth and show you how you can grow your business in 3 ways. Simply email me at shane@shaneboyd.net and put “increase my profits” in the subject line.

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