Reprogram Your Mind? Only If You Want A Better Life

auto suggestionYou do the things you do, the way you do them because you were programmed to do them that way. No, I don’t mean that you’re some computer software that an engineer designed, so you perform whatever tasks programmed. At least, not exactly.

Let me explain.

Science tells us that our brains are not fully developed until about the age 25. Okay, that’s true. We all accept that. However, our sub-conscious closes much earlier.

You see, our sub-conscious mind is WIDE OPEN. That is, up until about the age of 7. After that, our conscious minds close off the subconscious and we begin thinking. But up until then, everything you saw, everything you heard, everything you witnessed, just landed inside your brain (in your sub-conscious) unchecked. Unfiltered. Without question.

I can’t say if what fell in your mind was good or bad. All I know is, it’s there. And it’s been there a LONG time.

That’s one of the reasons many of us turn into our parents. I mean, haven’t ever noticed yourself doing the same things, saying the same things or maybe even sitting the same way as one of your parents? Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that you witnessed your parents doing things while you were little, and now that you’re their age (the age you saw them do these things) YOU are doing the same thing.

Sure, some of it is DNA. But much of it is simply a pattern you learned without giving thought to it. Well, those patterns may have worked wonderfully for your mom or dad. But, are they really patterns (or programs) that serve you?

What if you’re an entrepreneur and your mom and dad were factory workers? Would their work habits (or programs) fit your schedule? (Work 8-5, maybe 8-7 with overtime). Those are NOT the hours of the average entrepreneur. So that pattern really wouldn’t serve you.

Or maybe your parents were teachers, police officers, body builders. I don’t know!

Listen, the point is, right now you may be running off a program that does not suit you best. If you’re running off a program that doesn’t really fit you and your vocation, you’ll always feel like you’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

It won’t work!

But relax. Before you get discouraged, read on. I have some important news that’ll help you.


Reprogram Your Mind With Auto Suggestion


Have you ever met someone who told a lie so often they actually believed it? If not, trust me when I tell you…it happens. But what would happen if you switched it up a little? Instead of just telling a lie, tell yourself about your future and how you’ll achieve it.

Here’s what I mean.

Napoleon Hill wrote in his epic book, Think and Grow Rich, that auto suggestion is the medium for influencing the subconscious mind. In other words, tell yourself what you want AND how to get it. Then your subconscious mind will move you in the right direction.

Odds are you probably already due this in some form or fashion. Have you ever caught yourself saying “I don’t like [fill in the blank].” Or “I’m always late” or “This always happens to me” or “I can never catch a break”, or (one of my favorites), “I could NEVER see myself doing that.”

All of those are beliefs! They are not real. They are simply beliefs. Somewhere along the way you heard those beliefs from somebody and you adopted them as your own by repeating them in your head over and over again until you tool ownership of those beliefs and made them a part of who you are.

What if you made the person you want to be a part of who you are? What if you continually told yourself how you love this or that? Or what if you told yourself how wonderful it will be when you achieve x or y?


There is no better time to start than now. You have nothing to lose, but a whole new you (and new life) to gain.

Here’s how.

Step One: Go into a quiet room and do nothing but SEE YOURSELF IN POSSESSION of whatever it is you want. Be it a new career, new car, money, vacation, spouse, anything! As you envision yourself, repeat what you wrote on your card the other day. (Remember, I told you about that in this blog post) It’s important to say this out loud so you hear YOUR voice speaking. It’ll be much more powerful that way.

Step Two: Repeat this exercise night and day until you can see in your mind’s eye, the exact thing, experience or life you wish to create or manifest.

Step Three: Keep your card on your person at all times. Read it in the morning and just before you fall asleep. Do this until you have it memorized, then simply say it to yourself morning and night.
In this exercise, what you are really doing it reprogramming your mind. You are taking old beliefs that no longer serve you and replacing them with new beliefs that DO serve you.

You are literally giving your brain orders, via auto-suggestion, and telling it to work towards things you want instead of things you don’t.

Try it for 7 days, then come back and comment on this blog post let me know how you feel afterwards. Before long, it’ll be a habit. You’ll simply be in the “habit” of succeeding. You’ll not only be moving towards your goals, you’ll be checking them off one by one.

You can do this! Start today, then come back and thank me later.



P.S. Do this 3 step process for reprogramming your mind for seven days, then come back to this blog and tell me your results. You’ll be glad you did. Cheers!

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