Desire—The Starting Point For Manifesting The Life You Want

manifest your desireA mentor of mine told me “to get what you want, you have to DESERVE what you want.” That was a little fuzzy and kinda crass at first. But then he went on to explain that the person who wants six pack abs, but sits on the couch and eats potato chips doesn’t deserve six pack abs. Just like the person who wants a million dollars, but can’t save ten dollars doesn’t deserve a million dollars. Neither person will get what they want because they don’t DESERVE it.

My mentor is right. To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. Sometimes getting what you want will take guts. Sometimes getting what you want will be hard, and it’ll stretch you. And that’s why today’s blog post is about DESIRE.

According to Napoleon Hill, DESIRE is the first step towards riches. He’s right. In fact, DESIRE is the first step towards anything you want in life. To hammer down my point, I’ll share a short story.
At the age of 32, I decided that I wanted to earn an MBA to advance my career. I was 32, married, had two kids, was a Cub Scout leader and I was a business owner. Plus, I had no college education. I would have to start from square one.

Do you think it was a walk in the park? Nope. Not at all. But my DESIRE was great. You see, it wasn’t easy being a grown man going back to school with a generation that believes they are entitled to everything with little to no effort. Everyone was nice, but the generation gap took some getting used to.

But I had a DESIRE to earn an MBA. Therefore, I was willing to take the licks, so to speak. I had to juggle all my hats while earning my degrees. It wasn’t easy, but I had a definite goal and a reason to push through. I was driven with a force of DESIRE so great, that nothing could stop me. In fact, I excelled in school. I was on the Dean’s List nearly every semester and I graduated as the MBA Student of the Year with a 4.0 GPA.

And if that wasn’t enough, I finished a six-year degree in just over 4 years. I earned an Associate’s in Arts, a Bachelor’s in Marketing, then an MBA. I tell you this to impress upon you that whatever it is you want, you must first have an absolute DESIRE for it. Because if you don’t you’ll end up quitting at the first sign of opposition.

But let not your heart be troubled. The remainder of this blog post will spell out exactly what you need to do in order to achieve what you want. That way, you’ll have a plan and be less apt to quit when the going gets tough, so to speak.

6 Steps To Manifesting Whatever You Desire

Napoleon Hill labeled six steps to acquiring riches. However, these six steps (if properly applied) will allow you to not only have riches, but nearly everything you want out of life. I have been studying and teaching Hill’s principles for years, and the results that I have seen in my life have been astounding. I trust you’ll have similar (if not better) results.

Step 1: Fix in your mind exactly what you want. You can’t just say “Oh, I want a better life” or “Oh, I want to be happy.” Those won’t work. It’s too vague. Too ambiguous. Instead, write out exactly that kind of life you want, in detail. Write out exactly what being happy is to you. If it’s money you want, write out the exact amount. Be definite about this. The universe will not reward you for being vague. If you are vague, then your life will be vague and confusing. And nobody wants that, now do they?

Step 2: Decide exactly what you’ll give in order to get what you want. Remember, you have to GIVE before you GET. After all, a farmer doesn’t go out in the fall to reap if he never planted a crop in the spring, will he? No.

In like manner, you cannot and will not get what you want without first giving. The Laws of the Universe will not allow it. So, if you want a new career, write out what you’ll DO to be DESERVING of said career. (Remember what my mentor said earlier?)

If you want a certain amount of money, write out exactly what you’ll do to DESERVE the money. You have to DO before you can HAVE, okay?

Step 3: Write out the exact date by which your plan will come to fruition. A goal without a deadline is only a wish.

Step 4: Create an action plan for attaining your DESIRE, then begin at once. Do not wait until you feel ready. Truth is, you’ll never be ready until you take the first step. Simply write out the best plan you can, then take action NOW.

The universe loves speed. Money loves speed. When you get the intuitive nudge…ACT. That’s how you manifest the life you want. You take action on the ideas the universe (God) gives you. That’s your job.

Step 5: Combine steps 1 thru 4 and put them in writing on an index card (or cards), a piece of paper, an envelope…anything. Simply write out a clear explanation of what you what, what you’ll give in order to receive what you want, the date you’ll have what you want and the action plan for achieving what you want.

Describe clearly your plan. So, clear that even a child could understand it. Sometimes being complicated ends up being confusing. Be concise and clear.

Step 6: Read your statement out loud twice a day. Read it once in the morning and once in the evening. As you read it, it’s important to FEEL the feelings of having what you want. These feelings (your emotions and thoughts) are what are being projected out to the universe and attracting to you the things you need in order to achieve what you want.

Remember, as I stated in my E-book The Way Exists, if you have a DESIRE for something…then the way to achieve that something exists.

When you follow the six steps laid out by Hill, the Laws of the Universe will spring into action and you’ll begin to manifest what you need when you need it.

Enjoy the process. Life is a journey, not a race. And don’t forget to take action. As John Wooden said, “Be quick, but not in a hurry.”

Make sure to start your six-step process now. Not later. Before you move onto your order of business for the day, spend the next 15 or so minutes writing out what you want and how you’ll achieve it.

When should you start this?

When would NOW be a good time?
Get busy. Go! Go! Go!


Talk soon.





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