What Ticks You Off?

ticked off

When it comes to motivation, a lot of people talk about what gives them the warm fuzzies. And that’s all well and good.
However, today…I want to talk about something that pisses you off. Because sometimes…what ticks you off is a bigger motivator than what is warm and pleasant. Let me explain.

There is a pain and pleasure principle. Tony Robbins has talked about it for years. And the point of it is this, what are you motivated by? Pain…or pleasure? For example, would you fight harder to keep a million dollars, or earn a million dollars? For me, I would fight harder to keep the million than earn it. Strange? Maybe. But that’s how I’m wired.

How you’re wired affects every part of your life, and your business. So you might as well go with it. When I realized that I’m more motivated by pain then pleasure, it changed the “why” in my business drastically. No longer do I think about all the money I can earn. I’m more motivated by what ticks me off.

For example, cancer that infects kids ticks me off. Every time I see a St. Jude’s Children’s hospital ad and the kid is bald, not only does my heart melt, but I get peeved because I know that cancer robbed that kid of a “normal” life. And the only way I know how to fight cancer is by making a lot of money so I can donate it to organizations like St. Jude’s so they can help.

Another thing that ticks me off is starving kids in the United States. Starving kids? In America? Really? America is the land of opportunity…still. If you are poverty stricken in America, then it’s your own damn fault. And to see kids starving in the United States, ticks me off because I know their parents have failed at being…parents! That motivates me to make more money so I can donate to charities that feed starving children.

I guess I have a soft spot for helping kids. But it’s the pain they go through (with cancer or hunger) that ticks me off. It motivates me to do more, earn more and be more. It motivates me to get out of bed early, to volunteer at non-profit events and to earn a high income so I can make a positive change in some kids’ life.

Those things may sound cliché or hokey to you, but it’s me. It’s how I’m wired. I don’t fantasize much about making millions of dollars. I fantasize about making a difference. What about you? Are you making a difference in your community? In your home? In your business?

Well difference doesn’t happen on its own, it takes action. If your business hasn’t changed in months or years and you’re sick and tired of seeing stagnant growth or negative growth, then maybe it’s time you get pissed off and do something about it. Don’t just work because you think you HAVE to. Work with a purpose. If you need help discovering what is unique about your business, then using your uniqueness to make a lot of money so you can make a difference in your home and your community, then that is what I specialize in.

I help companies increase their profits by 30%-60% or more in 60-90 days or less, WITHOUT increasing advertising costs. I do this by using hidden marketing assets within the business, then showing you how to leverage those assets and turn them into profits.

I can only work with 10 clients a month. Will you be one of the 10? You can start by emailing me at shane@shaneboyd.net right now. I’ll respond within 24 hours and set up your free phone consultation.

Talk soon,

Shane Boyd, MBA

P.S. Sometimes you have to get ticked off before you change. If you’re finally ticked off enough to change the way you market your business, email me at shane@shaneboyd.net right now so you too, can have the exponential growth in your business that you want…and deserve.

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