These 5 Questions Could Make You A Fortune

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People ask questions all the time, to all kinds of people. But are you asking these 5 important questions to the right people? If you would like to increase your profits, without increasing your advertising costs, then talk to your customers and ask them what they think. It’s one of the secrets of developing a winning Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

If the only time you communicate with your customers is when you’re trying to sell them something, then you are leaving money on the table. There’s a fortune waiting to be had from your customers. You only need ask for it. Let me explain.

Survey Your Customers Over The Phone

If you would do something as simple as call your customers and ask them a series of questions about their experience with your company, you could use that information to better your services, write a USP or add new services. And in case you missed it, I said CALL your customers. Don’t just send them an email survey (unless that is your only form of contact with your customers, i.e. affiliate marketers or online marketers). If you pick up the phone and actually call your customers, they’ll be glad to answer your questions. In fact, they’ll be impressed with your follow-up and probably tell their friends or relatives about it. But you can’t be lame or awkward when you call them. You need a script. Something like this…

“Hi so and so, this is such and such with ABC Company. The reason for the call is ensure you are 100% satisfied with the services you received. I’ll ask you several questions about the services you received from our company. It should take only a few minutes. And don’t worry. We are not trying to sell you anything at this time. We just want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the services you received from us. So with your permission, we’ll begin, okay?”

That’s it. Then you go right into the questions. Below are the questions I recommend you ask. You’ll need to modify them to add your company name. But the content is sound.

Here Are The 5 Questions You Should Ask

• Are You Satisfied With The Service You Received With My Company?
• Is There Anything You Would Like To See My Company Adjust Or Change To Better Serve You?
• What Was It That Caused You To Choose My Company?
• Have You Used Any Other Company For These Services? If yes, why?
• What Would You Say Is Unique, Or What Separates My Company From Others?

The goal of these questions is to find out the real reasons customers do business with you, not just what makes you feel good. You are not fishing for testimonials here, I’ll teach you others strategies for that at another time. Focus right now on WHY they do business with you. And don’t worry; the survey doesn’t have to be totally scientific either. You simply want to find out (from your customers) why they choose to do business with you. Once you find out the why, you can utilize that in all your marketing materials (and your USP).

If you want to make a fortune in your company, find out what your customers like…and give them more of it! If there is something your customers feel is unique about your company, then talk about it in your advertising. If there is something about your company that your customers do not like, then fix it. And, if there is a service your customers revealed they wished you provided, then add it.

Talking to your customers and asking them what they think about your company doesn’t cost you a dime, but it could make you a fortune…if…you implement what you’ve learned. Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. Odds are, your competition isn’t following up and doing phone surveys, but it’s an integral part in developing your winning USP and running a successful company. So don’t miss this step. And don’t be flippant about it either.

This Can Be 100% Outsourced

If telephone surveys aren’t your thing, then outsource it. I do. I simply trot over to elance and hire someone to do it for me. You can outsource the entire operation and have them email you the results. It’s quick, efficient and no hassle.

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Shane Boyd

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