The Fatal Flaw With MOST Local Businesses

There is nothing quite like trying to support a local business, only to get peeved off and kick yourself in the arse because you could have gone elsewhere and received a better product, for less cost and received better service.  I mean, honestly.  You try to support the local economy only to realize you threw money in the trash can.


Well, that happened to me recently.


But before I share this story with you, I want you to know that this is not a rant.  I’m not one to rant.  I think it’s petty, really.  What I’m about to share with you is for educational purposes only.  A lesson learned, so to speak.  (You see, I try to see the silver lining in things, not just the sucky parts of things).


So here goes.


I needed business cards for my company, Shane Boyd Coaching, LLC.  I’ve ordered business cards for my other businesses in the past and I’ve always done it online.  Well, this time I figured, since I’m a business coach for local business owners, I would use a local printing company for my business card needs.


Big mistake.  Here’s why.


The business card turned out…okay.  Not terrible, but far from good too.  The card stock is incredibly thin and the size of the card is just a smidgen smaller than the average card.  Also, the back of the card (which, the company helped me design) looked better online than in person.


I paid $88 for 1,000 cards.  I didn’t want a thousand, but I had no option for a smaller amount.   To say the least, I felt jaded.


But here’s the rub.  I’ve purchased poor cards before, but at least the place I bought the cards from sent me a thank you note and acknowledged that I spent money with them.  This local printing company never so much as sent me an email to say thank you.


Sure, they said “thank you for the business” once I gave them money.  And they even invited me to “come back and see them again” before I walked out the door.  But that was the extent of their follow-up.


Nothing came in the mail in the following days.


Nothing was sent to my email in the following days.


And, nobody called me to see how I loved my new business cards.  I mean, there was NOTHING.  No follow-up whatsoever.


You see, had they followed-up with me, I could have told them I wasn’t happy with the cards.  I could have educated them on the fact that the card stock was too thin and too small.  Sure, it’s glossy on both sides, but overall the quality just wasn’t there.


And because they absolutely refused to follow-up with me, I will absolutely refuse to do business with them again.


I want to stress the reason I’ll never do business with that company again.  To be clear, it has NOTHING to do with the product.  Guess tells me they have other card stock they could have used.  The reason I’ll never do business with them again is because they made it clear to me that they don’t appreciate me as a customer.


A customer who does not feel appreciated will no longer be a customer of yours.


If you would stop and read that headline again, you would be well advised to do so.  You see, I felt unappreciated.  If someone feels unappreciated, they go elsewhere.  It happens in relationships all the time.  Think about it.


A man no longer offers love and attention towards his lady.  Then he wonders why she left him for somebody else.  Well…DUH!  It’s because he stopped paying attention to her.  This fatal flaw happens in business…a lot.


Don’t let this grave error happen in your business.  A happy customer becomes an advocate.  And an advocate is priceless.  Imagine having an army of sales persons singing praises about your business at dinner parties, Christmas parties, social media platforms and virtually every social gathering imaginable.


It can happen.  And it does happen.  But you have to make your customers feel welcome.  Let them know you appreciate them.  And for the love of all that’s holy, follow-up with your customers after the sale.  That is when the real relationship begins.  As a matter of fact, it’s step 3 of my 8 step asset marketing system.


If you’re business isn’t doing as well as you’d hope for, then maybe it’s time for some outside help.  I’m not going to sell you the latest whiz bang, push button, fill in the blank money making system.  Because, personally I don’t think such a thing exits.


But what I can do, is show you how to increase your profits by 30%-60% in 90 days or less, WITHOUT increasing your advertising costs.


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Until next time,




Shane Boyd, MBA


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