The Crossover

There comes a point in your career where you find yourself staring at some big, gnarly bridge. On the other side of the bridge is more growth, more people to work with and more adventure. But the bridge is scary because you’ve never been there before. You are left with a choice. You can cross the bridge or you can turn back around and stay exactly where you are.


To illustrate my point, allow me to share with you a story.


In Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, there is a ceremony called “The Crossover”. Here’s the deal. Cub Scouts are boys in grades 1-5. They go from Tigers, to Wolves, To Bears then two years as Webelos. Then…they “crossover” into Boy Scouts. I’ve been a scout leader for five years. I’ve been with my son’s Den since he joined as a Tiger. The Crossover is a big deal, but it’s scary for the boys.The Crossover


You see, this means that mom and dad will no longer be camping with them on campouts. Mom and dad can no longer sign-off on their books for their achievements. Mom and dad will no longer play such a big role in the child’s scouting adventure. This is where the boys leave the childish ways of Cub Scouts and graduate into Boy Scouts.


The Scouts cross over a bridge. They leave their old den leaders and join a new troop. The Scoutmaster and other Boy Scouts are on the other side of the bridge to welcome the new scouts into their troop. It’s really a touching moment. As a leader, I just participated in a crossing over ceremony last night. Kids from my den (along with my son), crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.


The cubs really had no idea what to expect on the other side of the bridge. But they knew they had to go if they were to grow as scouts and young men. On the other side of the bridge were new opportunities, new faces, new friends and new adventures. It took a leap of faith, but all 16 boys crossed over. Today, they start a new journey, a new adventure and explore new opportunities.


The same can be said about you. Sometimes as business owners, we come to a bridge. We realize, on the other side there are new adventures and opportunities. But still, it’s hard to leave our comfort zone. After all, we’re comfortable here. But growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zone. Growth happens when we cross that bridge and take a leap of faith into the unknown and EXPAND our comfort zone.


Just as Cub Scouts cannot stay in their Den forever, you cannot stay in your Den either. Growth happens on the other side of the bridge. Opportunity is on the other side of the bridge. New experiences are on the other side of the bridge.


You may be stalling or seized by fear. You may be wondering when the best time to cross that bridge would be. And to that, I would reply…when would now be a good time?


You all have the tools you need to be great. All you have to do, is get out of your own way…and let YOUR greatness shine through.


To your success!


Shane Boyd, MBA



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