The 21st Century Entrepreneur-The Next Success Story

The 21st Century success story does not come from a corporate office.  And he/she certainly is not some over paid CEO at a major corporation.  I believe the 21st Century success story comes from small town America where a person starts a business in his garage, or his living room. 


Gone are the days where you work a job for 20 years and retire.  Gone are the days of landing a good paying job with benefits such as a 401k and health insurance.  Those days were abolished in November 2012 when the OBAMAnation was re-elected.  Now, more than ever, we live in a time where one’s success, security and financial freedom fall on one’s own shoulders. 

The government and the economy do not dictate your success.  YOU do.  The government does not create jobs.  YOU do.  And the government does not create wealth for you.  YOU do.  Nobody is in charge of your success except you.

 Enter…The 21st Century Entrepreneur

The 21st Century success story is an entrepreneur with a dream and vision about how to create and sell products their customers love to buy because those products make their lives betters.  

The 21st Century Entrepreneur offers impeccable customer service because that’s the right thing to do.  The 21st Century Entrepreneur employs sound business skills, proven marketing strategies, frugal spending (unlike our government) and genuine stick-to-itiveness.  Not because they are told to, but because they want to.  Because it’s the right thing to do.  And because The 21st Century Entrepreneur has a passion for what he does.

Sadly, those principles have been lost in the shuffle of government bailouts, bribes, government takeovers, lies, and radical left wing news media biases.   My intent is to share this message with you because YOU are The 21st Century Entrepreneur. 


The 21st Century Entrepreneur DID Build This


YOU are responsible for your success, and yes…YOU DID BUILD THIS.  You are the one who is going to work like a maniac to achieve the level of success you want and rightfully deserve.  You are the one who, in spite of the OBAMANation’s utter distaste and hate for entrepreneurs, are going to succeed and become a six or seven figure income earner. 

The road may be long and the course rocky.  The passage may seem impossible at times, but a little stick-to-itiveness will go a long way.  The 21st Century Entrepreneur will find a way to succeed.  YOU will be likened to Admiral David Glasgow Farragut when he said, “Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!”  When at the Battle of Mobile Bay, 5 August 1864 “as disaster seemed imminent, Farragut gave the orders embodied by these famous words. He swung his own ship clear and headed across the mines, which failed to explode. The fleet followed and anchored above the forts, which, now isolated, surrendered one by one.

You will not wait for the economy to “turn around”.  You will create your own economy.  You will not wait for government checks, hoping for the scraps they so sparingly share.  You will not believe the radical left when they say “we’ll take care of you.”  If you want to know how Uncle Sam “takes care of you”, just talk to any Native American.

the 21st century entrepreneur angry-obama







No, my friend, you are The 21st Century Entrepreneur.  And YOU create your own reality, and your own success.   The OBAMANation is against you on this and he will thwart your every effort.  But take heart and have no fear.  The best way to beat his socialist agenda is to NOT partake in it.  Be of the income level that you pay your own way.  Be of the income level where health insurance is NOT a burden to pay for.  Be of the income level where you pay cash for your homes and cars and vacations.  Be of the income level where you are not reliant on the government for ANYTHING.  ANYTHING! 

The 21st Century Entrepreneur is you.  And the The 21st Century is now!  Get out there and earn what is yours.  And I know, that since you are reading this, the internet lifestyle is what you are aiming for.  You’ve heard that there’s millions to be made online, and that is true.  But the road there is long and the battle is hard.  But it is possible.  It IS possible.

Here my friend.  This will help>>> 

Until next time,

Fulfill your will in life and live your passion.


Shane Boyd


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