Social Media Charlatans

social media charlatans

In the 21st century, business owners are looking for the next big thing to help their businesses grow. After all, we like next big things. That’s why every year Apple has the next big thing. And Samsung has the next big thing. And let’s not forget about Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Oh my goodness, who couldn’t live without those two gems.

Marketers have been touting the “next big thing” for decades and consumers keep eating it up. So it only makes sense that people would start putting together programs for business owners and telling them that social media is the “next big thing”. Now there are social media consultants (i.e. sales reps). But here’s the rub.

If you have nothing to say about your business to a real live person face-to-face, then what are you going to say about your business on social media? Think about that for second before you move on. If you struggle conveying what your business stands for and why people would benefit by doing business with you, then social media will not help you. It’ll only frustrate you.

Enter the charlatans. You’ll recognize them because they are ones who enter your business and talk fast about how social media is the next big thing and how your business needs to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and on and on and on. For crying out loud! There are more social media platforms out there than one can shake a stick at!

Am I to be on all of them in order to do well?

Well, the short answer

However, charlatans will be happy to sell you consulting or ad space or websites or fan pages or reviews, without taking into consideration what your business is, who your business is for and why anyone should do business with you in the first place. Pitiful.

The social media charlatans sound an awful lot like the billboard sales people or the yellow page ad reps. They’ll tell you how many “eyeballs” could potentially see your ad. It’ll sound sexy. It’ll sound enticing. And the sales pitch could be so good that you’ll pull out your wallet and pay for whatever they are selling.

But before you pull out your wallet, ask the media sales rep these two questions.

How many prospects, clients or customers will this advertisement deliver to me?


Are the results guaranteed?

That’s it. Then shut up and listen.
You’ll probably be able to hear crickets.

Many times media and ad reps don’t want the advertising to be trackable. After all, if the ad fails, you can’t blame them. But if the ad succeeds, then they can take all the credit. The only person that should be receiving credit here is you. And that’s where your advertising message needs to start…with you.

Can you tell me in 15 seconds or less why a prospect should do business with you, as opposed to all other options available…including doing nothing at all?

Can you tell me who your best customers are and do you have specific marketing campaigns to build deeper relationships with them?

Does everybody in your business know why people should buy from you and not your competitors?

Do you have a system in place to reactivate customers who haven’t purchased from you in the past 60, 90, 120+ days?

Have you built alliances with other business owners in your area so you can market to their customers and they can market to yours?

If you answered no to one or more of the aforementioned questions, then you are leaving thousands…maybe tens of thousands of dollars on the table. The last thing you need is a social media consultant trying to sell you social media ads. You need a system that can deliver guaranteed, predictable results.

Guaranteeing predictable results and business growth is exactly what I’m all about.

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Until next time,

Shane Boyd, MBA

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