Selling Stuff Online: Lessons from an 8 year old boy

Have you ever tried selling stuff online?  I don’t mean eBay style or Amazon style, but genuine selling.  Where you have an actual product (physical or digital) and you put together a website (sales page) and you trying to sell your product(s) online.  It’s not as easy as one might think.  Selling stuff online is no walk in the park.  There’s almost a science to it. Matthew


Well…I believe my 8 year old son has cracked the code.


Selling Stuff Online Lesson #1


Now, my son is 8 years old.  His name is Matthew.  And he is a natural sales person.  I love it!  Personally, I think he has a great future ahead of him. (But what do I know?)  My son can get me to go along with any idea he has, including buying him things, by using two simple words.  I’ve listened to him use these two words to perfection for at least 3 years now.  With these two words he’s gotten me to:


  • Take him on a bike ride
  • Buy him toys… (Lots of toys)
  • Buy him his favorite food
  • Stop my work day to look at his new creation
  • Walk away from my computer to see the new “mountain” he made in his room
  • Buy multiple fish
  • Take him across town to find bugs and snakes
  • Go to several snake exhibits
  • Use my truck as a hideout for hide and seek
  • Use my gas grill to roast marsh mellows
  • Allow him to keep his room messy because “it’s more comfortable that way”
  • Chase the cat around the home with his video camera taping the whole process
  • Play biscuit baseball
  • Shoot off fireworks for Father’s Day, his birthday, July 4th and New Years
  • And A LOT more…

By now you’re probably wondering what the two words are.  Here they are.


Here’s how he uses them.  “Dad, can I hide in your truck when I play hide and seek?”

Me: “No”

Matthew: “Yea, but if I hide in the truck, nobody will find me and I’ll win.  Then every one of my friends will think you have the coolest truck ever.”

Me:  “Mmmm…okay.”

Do you see what he did there?  He took something that HE wanted, then he showed me how I could benefit from it.  Here’s another case.


Matthew: “Dad, can we shoot off fireworks on my birthday?”


Matthew: “Why not?”

“Your birthday is in June.  We shoot off fireworks in July, not June.”

Matthew: “Yea but, if we shoot off fireworks on my birthday we can invite all my friends, then their parents will stay to watch the fireworks too.  And all of our neighbors will come out and watch the fireworks show.  Then our house will be known as the firework house.”



Again, do you see what just happened?  He took something he wanted and made it somehow benefit me also.  Pretty slick.  Here’s the take away.  When you are selling stuff online, tell your prospect how much fun THEY will have or how THEY will benefit or about how much money THEY will make if they buy your stuff.  Don’t make it about you.  Make it about them.


My son does a marvelous job at this.  He never ceases to amaze me.


Selling Stuff Online Lesson #2


When you start selling stuff online, wouldn’t it be nice if you have some words, that if used properly, could stop your prospects in their tracks and give you their undivided attention?  Well, again, I believe my son has cracked the code here too.

He has 4 words that when he uses them I’ll stop whatever it is I’m doing and give him my full attention.  We could be in an argument about whether or not we are going to do a certain thing or go to a certain place.  And when he uses these words, I’ll pause…and listen to him state his case. 

I believe that if you learn to use these words effectively, you would drastically increase your odds on selling stuff online.  Here they are.




Those are powerful little words, so use them wisely.  Matthew will pull this trick out of his back pocket if he feels like he’s losing the battle (or losing the sale).  We could be arguing about whatever, and just when I believe I’m having the upper hand he’ll break out with a “Will you just listen?” and I’ll stop. 

That pause gives him enough time to restate his case, tell me how I’ll benefit from whatever it is that he wants.  And more often than not, he’ll win.

The same thing happens with your prospects at your website.  When they read your sales letter (webpage), they’ll object to what you’re offering.  Then break in with at YEA BUT, then state your case.  A little later in your sales letter, they may disagree with something or get ready to exit your page.  That’s when you use the WILL YOU JUST LISTEN technique. 

Then move directly into selling your product or service and close the deal. 

selling stuff online






My son inspires me.  He’s a good kid, a good person AND a good salesman. It goes to show, you can get inspiration anywhere.

I hope you use these techniques and they work out for you.  They certainly work for me and thousands of other writers, salespersons and super affiliate bloggers.  Just continue to do what you love, and the happiness will follow.  

Until next time,

Shane Boyd


P.S. Selling stuff online is an art.  But a very learnable one.  Here, this will help






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