Personal Branding in the 21st Century–This Isn’t Your Father’s Branding Strategy

personal branding

There must be some reason why Millennials are wicked awesome at personal branding and why baby boomers fail miserably at it. 

It’s not that baby boomers are bad marketers and it’s not even the fact that baby boomers are bad at branding.  It’s just that baby boomers never really had to personally brand themselves in their careers.  When it comes to landing your dream job, baby boomers had it made.  However, it seems Millennials have to work two or even three times as hard as boomers did to land a dream job.  In this article I’ll uncover what personal branding is, why baby boomers just don’t get it and why personal branding is so important for Millennials. 

Personal branding embodies many things. 

However, at its core, personal branding is about you.  It’s your reputation, your legacy, what people remember about you when you leave a room.  Personal branding is your expertise, the key components about you that make you unique, different and valuable to the marketplace.  In other words, your personal brand is the reason people hire you, want to work with your and befriend you.  If your personal brand is sour and poor, then you’ll have a difficult time in life.  However, if your personal brand is attractive and vibrant, then you’ll succeed in nearly any field you choose. 

Baby boomers had it easy when it comes to succeeding in their jobs.  All they had to do was go through high school (simple) then apply for a job in their town or somewhere local.  At that time, all one had to do was land a decent union labor job, work for twenty years and one could retire wealthy.  And if the baby boomer was college educated, then he was shoe-in for a great career.  They didn’t have to brand themselves; all they had to do was show themselves.

personal branding

Well, in the 21st century things are a lot different.  Job security is a thing of the past.  Gone are the days where you work for an employer for 20 or 30 years and retire wealthy with company benefits.  Today, one has to brand oneself and prove oneself and compete with 20 other people for the same job.  This is foreign to the baby boomer.  And that’s why when the boomers started getting laid off at the turn of the century; they had a wicked hard time readjusting and finding employment elsewhere.  Yet for the Millennial, it’s just a part of life.

Millennials need to brand themselves effectively so they can land the job they want or start the business they’ve been dreaming about.  And with social media taking over search engines in traffic, it’s even more crucial for Millennials to personally brand themselves effectively.  In the 21st century potential employers are reading your social networking accounts regularly.  This is done primarily so they can see what kind of person you really are.  It’s one thing to dress nice and act appropriate for a job interview.  But does that really define who you are?  I doubt it.

The bottom line is this; Millennials need to manage their personal brands properly.  Otherwise, someone else will create their personal brands for them.  Now, more than any other time in history, you will be hired or fired based on your character, i.e. your personal brand.  Be you, be real, and be successful.

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