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Marketing Is Everything 

You didn’t start your business just so you can be a salesman did you? After all, aren’t sales people dishonest and pushy and…well…annoying? And marketing? Well, forget about it. You’re not interested in being some pitch man like you would see on late night television trying to sell some widget that nobody wants anyway are you? Besides, marketing should be left up to people in advertising agencies, right? You’re a business owner! You started your business because you believe you are the best at what you do and you want to share your talent or goods with everybody because you think it’ll help them in some way, right? And while you’re helping others, you’re helping yourself (and your family financially). Well, here in lies the problem. You can be the best “doer” in your business, but if nobody knows you exist…you’ll be out of business in a flash. The best business owners are not “doers” of their profession…they are marketers of their profession.


Once you make the mental shift from being a “doer” of your services to a “marketer” of your services, not only will your schedule be filled, but you’ll begin to enjoy your work a lot more. You’ll be able to do more, waste less time and avoid fatigue and burnout. I’ll share with you how this mental shift not only increased my business but it also improved my overall quality of life.


When I started my home inspection firm back in 2004, I was 100% focused on the technical side of the business. I was constantly learning better ways to do inspections, save time while on the inspection and while learning technical jargon like codes, egress, GFCIs, AFCIs, headers, footers and so on. However, I never really paid much attention to the marketing of my business. It didn’t seem important at the time because I was so focused on just learning the business and doing my work. That worked out for about six months, then my business began to slow down and I didn’t know what to do.

Like any other small business owner I began looking into advertising. You know the kinds, phone books, billboards, pay-per-click, and flyers and so on. But nothing really worked, and let’s face it, billboards are wicked expensive and they simply don’t work. That type of advertising is called brand building, and for a small business owner, it’s a waste of money.


You can’t track brand building advertising and you can’t take your “brand” to the bank and deposit it either. Brand building comes from good marketing. So, I decided to not only be a student of my profession, but to also become a student of marketing. And through my studies and all the books I read, there was one phrase that seemed common in all the marketing books, and it was this: Be a Marketer of Your Services, Not Just as Doer.

I applied that way of thinking to my inspection firm, and within months my business more than doubled! I went from doing 10 home inspections a month to 20, then 30! My income nearly tripled just by making that one simple shift. But what exactly changed?

Once you become a marketer of your services your entire outlook about your business changes. Because marketing is everything! The way you dress is marketing. The way you treat your customers is marketing. The way you work is marketing. Your hours of operation are marketing. Every advertisement you put in the paper, yellow pages or mail box is marketing. Walt Disney once said that you should do what you do so well, that people can’t help but talk about you when they go home. You see, when Walt started Disneyland, most parks were dirty and dusty and nasty. He sought to change all that. So to Walt, CLEANING was marketing. And now, when you go to any Disney park or resort, the places is exceptionally clean at all times. That’s because Walt knew that marketing is everything.

You can do the same thing in your business as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, accountant, real estate agent or a person who cleans condos for a living, once you make the mental shift from being a doer of your services to a marketer of your services, you’ll inevitably start doing things differently. You’ll begin to look at your business differently, you’ll begin to treat people differently (in a good way) and you’ll begin to enjoy your work a lot more.

As I stated earlier, you can be the best technician or doer of your services, but if nobody knows you exist you’ll be out of business in a flash. Look at it this way, some of the biggest, best and greatest firms in the world have marketing departments. Coke, Pepsi, Walt Disney, GM, Ford, GE, they all have marketing departments in house. And as a small business owner, you need a marketing department in house too. Except as a small business owner, all the bucks stop on YOUR desk. So accept the fact that you need to market your services to succeed. Embrace the fact that you are now a marketer of your services, not just a doer of your services. Enjoy your career choice a little more and smile a little more, because after all…marketing is everything!


To your success!


Shane Boyd

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