Maverick Up!

Maverick Up!Maverick Up! is more than just two words strewn together with an explanation point at the end.  It’s a movement.  Here at Shane Boyd Coaching LLC,  we’re dedicated to opening your minds to help you think.  We are here to lead, motivate and inspire you to unleash your inner maverick and live life on purpose.

But what does Maverick Up! even mean?  That’s a good question, and I’m going to address that right now.

Maverick Up! means you think for yourself so you can live the life you were called to live, not the life you were told to live.  Basically, in the 21st century, many people don’t think for themselves anymore.  We are not taught HOW to think. Our school system certainly doesn’t teach you that.  (Keep in mind, this is coming from one with an MBA) at best, our school system, from kindergarten through graduate school, teaches us to conform.

We are being programmed to follow the masses, thus turning people into clods who depend on others (and the government) to provide for them.  My chief aim here at Maverick Up! is to show you how to be a non-conformist so you can live a meaningful and purposeful life, thus creating positive changes in your personal life and business life.

Live Life On Purpose

When you live life on purpose your personal life and business life will benefit exponentially.  Imagine how good you’ll feel waking up every morning and working the career you were designed to live, instead of the one you’re “stuck” in.  We get stuck in jobs we hate because our lives are void of meaning…and purpose.  I know.  I’ve been there.

I owned and operated a home inspection company for nearly 13 years.  And for 7 of those years I was miserable.  I was miserable at home.  I was miserable at work.  I was a miserable and grumpy dude.  Life wasn’t something I lived…it was something I tolerated or survived.  And I know people say “it’s only a job”, but listen up.  If you are doing something for 40-60 hours a week, it’s not “just a job”, it’s your LIFE!

It wasn’t until I came to terms with the fact that I am solely responsible for creating my life that I made a decision to live my life on purpose.  I finally woke up and realized that life isn’t something that happens to you, it’s a masterpiece of your own making.  You create it.  When you die, are people going to say “boy, look at the way he played with the hands life dealt him.  He sure survived life nicely.”  Or would you rather people say “What a life!  What a person!  What an inspiration to us all.  He/she will be missed, but never forgotten.”

Here’s What’s In It For You

If you’re ready to wake up and start living your life on purpose, then you’ve come to the right place.  Every few days I’ll post an update to this blog with inspiring words or resources to help you unleash your inner maverick.  You’ll hear interviews from famous guests whom I look up to and admire.  You’ll be exposed to a community of like-minded individuals ready to tell the “conformists” of the 21st century to stick it—because the way the conformists live is not living at all, it’s robotic.  And you weren’t created to be a robot.

Get ready to go on a ride where I’ll help open your mind so you can think for yourself, instead of operating from a program.  You’ll be exposed to new ways of learning, new ways of teaching, and…dare I say it…new ways of thinking.  I’ll introduce resources and tools and coaches to help you along your journey.

I can’t promise you blue skies and rainbows as you traverse this journey in Maverick Up!  But one thing I can promise, is once you open your mind…and let your TRUE self out…you’ll experience a sense of joy and peace and vigor with a double dose of happiness and pride that you’ve never known.

I’m looking forward to this.  And I hope you are too.

Maverick Up!

Shane Boyd

Chief Maverick Officer (CMO)

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