How To Turn Your Customers Into Advocates


Many times small business owners put 100% of their business building efforts into acquiring new customers. However, by doing so, business owners typically fail to talk to their current customers and use them as a business growth tool. What if every customer you had referred one customer to you a year. Your business would double, would it not? Sure it would. If you have 100 customers, they each refer 1 person each, that’s 100 new customers for a total of 200 customers. That’s a 100% growth in your business! This blog post will teach three ways you can turn your customers into raving fans and a powerful sales force (advocates).

Ask Your Customers For Their Help

You may think this goes without saying. However, I believe that if it goes without saying, then it goes without knowing too. Here’s how it works. If you write a newsletter for your customers (and I’m sure you’re doing that…right?), you simply ask them for referrals in your newsletter. Just simply tell that what you’ve got, tell them why you’re asking and tell them what’s in it for them. Read the example below.

What: I have a new customer drive until the end of the month.

Why: I would like to remodel my office and lobby so your overall experience is better every time you visit. However, remodel work isn’t free. Therefore, I believe I’ll need an additional 7 new customers to adequately pay for the remodel work.

What’s in it for you: For every customer that you refer I will personally give you one (name your widget for free offer. This should be high perceived value to the recipient, but low cost for you). Thank you for your help with this. I’m sure the new customer drive will be a success thanks to you.


And…that’s it! It’s the same as asking for the sale. Except, you are asking for the referral. This process alone works like gangbusters. But when it’s combined with the next tip, it’s wicked successful.

Communicate With Your Customers Every Month

And, I don’t mean just send them a simple e-zine. I mean something more substantial than that. E-zines are great for prospects. However, for your customers you should put in a little more effort. You can sen your customers a hard copy newsletter with very little effort. There are companies that do nothing but write and distribute newsletters. As a business owner, it would be worth your time to outsource something like this, so you can focus on what you do best.

Wow Your Customers From The Beginning

People rarely remember when somebody simply “does their job”. However, if a business goes out of their way to make sure the overall experience is a pleasurable one, people remember that. One way to wow your customers is in your follow-up. Most small business owners simply say “thank you for the business” and that’s where the follow-up ends. Lame.

How about instead, when you get a new customer you send them a box full of goodies welcoming them to your family. Here is what I mean.

You just took on a new consulting client. You have their name, email, phone number and mailing address. You have everything you need to provide stellar follow-up after the sail. The day they give you a check and become your client, you mail them a package. In the package you could put your book (or a book you recommend), a box of chocolates, a coupon for your services, coupons for non-competing but complimentary services and a coffee mug with your logo/business name on it. With the package you send a card that says something like “thank you for joining the Shane Boyd Coaching family. We are thrilled that you came to us for help and we are excited to work with you and watch you increase your profits without increasing your advertising costs. To your success…”.

I can tell you from experience that a box like that totally gives your customer the warm and fuzzies. Not only that, they will talk about you with their friends and family. It doesn’t cost much, but it leaves quite a profound impact on your customer. And I assure you. When they receive and open the package, the first thing they say is “wow”.

If you simply ask your customers for their help, communicate with them monthly (or weekly) and wow them from the beginning, your company will be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. Basically, as Walt Disney put it (paraphrased), do what you do so well that other people can’t help talking about it.

Until next time. To your success!


Shane Boyd

P.S. This proves that I practice what I preach. I would love to have 5 more coaching clients between now and December 30th. The reason I would like 5 more clients is because I’m putting together an all day marketing seminar on January 18th. And I figure that 5 coaching clients would more than cover the cost for the venue and marketing. Here’s what in it for you. For every person you refer, once he or she signs up as a client, I will personally mail you a $100 Amazon gift card. Just send your friend to this website to apply

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