Forgiveness and The Law of Attraction

Forgivness and the law of attractionIn a society when forgiveness is rare, it’s important to note that forgiving is actually much easier and requires less effort than not forgiving. Allow me to explain. If you feel as though somebody wronged you in the past, maybe they stole money from you. Initially you’ll feel upset, angry or just plain hurt. However, the other person may feel nothing at all. The person who stole the money may have no feelings (good or bad) about the situation—that is until you approach him or her about it. After you approach him or her about the theft, he or she may still feel nothing about it. Now you are left with a choice—do you forgive or do you stay angry and stay bitter?


When you stay bitter and angry you carry that anger and negative energy with you everywhere. However, again, the person who stole feels nothing and carries no guilt or shame. But when you forgive the person, you release all negative energy about the situation and move on. You may run into that person from time to time, yet the negative feelings are gone and there is nothing to remember to be angry about because you make the choice to forgive as opposed to staying angry and bitter.


When you hold a grudge and stay bitter towards others, you are really being held hostage by your own feelings. You are literally being harmed every day because of your lack of forgiveness. Remember, the other person has moved on and forgotten all about. Yet when you choose to hold onto that grudge, you renew the bitter and angry feeling every day. In many cases, this can go on for years. You gain nothing by this behavior. You will not feel empowered. Actually, you are weakening yourself by holding onto the grudge.

Forgive If You Want To Be Forgiven

Even Jesus, in the model prayer taught us to forgive others (i.e. hold not onto grudges). In Matthew 6:12, we are taught to pray “and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” In other words, forgive in the same manner that we want to be forgiven. For if we do not forgive, we also will not be forgiven. As long as we hold onto negative beliefs and negative thoughts towards others, we’ll have a negative cloud around us, blocking us from attracting the very life we want.


Forgiveness releases you from all the negative energy you were holding. You are no longer in bondage and you no longer feel upset inside. In fact, you’ll feel better as soon as you release the negative energy and forgive. You’ll begin to move towards other experiences in your life because you won’t be holding onto the past.

Forgiveness…It’s Not About Them

Non-forgiving is a limiting condition and a roadblock for the good you want to attract in your life. It would be like going on a cross country trip with the emergency brake on. Sure, you may get to your destination eventually, but the travels will be long and arduous and void of joy and fun.


Your life can be filled with joy if you allow it in. However, joy will have a hard time passing through negative feelings and judgement. Besides, as I’ve shown you in this article, it takes a lot more energy to hold a grudge than it does to forgive. The truth is, you don’t forgive people for their sake. You forgive people for your own sake. If you fail to forgive, you’ll fail to receive. The law of attraction works 100% of the time. You will get back the energy you send out. So for your own sake, send out loving energy so loving energy will return to you.





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