Carving Out Time For The Successful Part-Time Entrepreneur

You probably never thought of yourself as a part-time entrepreneur. Heck, it even sounds funny rolling off your tongue. But what does that little phrase mean, part-time entrepreneur? And if you are one, would you share that with people? Before you answer that, let me share with you some subtle differences between part-time entrepreneurs and successful part-time entrepreneurs.

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So What Exactly IS A Part-Time Entrepreneur?

I’ll give you two examples of a part-time entrepreneur in this post. One is a person who has a full time job or a part-time job that consumes 20 or more hours a week. This person wants to start a business (maybe an online business we’ll say), but they feel they don’t have the time to put in the needed work to succeed. So they continue to work their day job then devote some time here or there to their entrepreneurial tendencies. This person, in theory, works 40-60 hours a week but never really accomplishes anything substantial. Their day job consumes them and they rarely focus on their passion. This, my friend is sad, very sad.

part-time entrepreneur

The other part-time entrepreneur is the person who (like the first person) has a job and moonlights online in the evening. This person is devoted and really wants to make money online, but he or she doesn’t have a blueprint to follow. They come home from work in the evening, then spend time with the family, then starting working online. 

However, if you could be a fly on the wall you would see that they were not “working” at all. They were playing.

This part-time entrepreneur carves out time to work, but when he’s supposed to be working he’s actually just playing around. Bouncing around from forum to forum, Facebook page to Facebook page, reading emails and is just generally be very unproductive. Yet he’ll spend two or three hours a night doing this, under the disguise of work. This friend is a road map for failure.

unproductive part-time entrepreneur

Here is What The Successful Part-Time Entrepreneur Does

The successful part-time entrepreneur spends his time much differently than the other two mentioned. Not because he is smarter or better than the other two. But because he has a roadmap that lays out exactly how to get to where he wants to go. And he spends his time wisely.

The successful part-time entrepreneur has a list of activities that absolutely have to be done that day, no matter what. No what SHOULD be done, but what MUST be done. This person also knows how to time block his schedule. This helps him work ON his business, not just IN his business.

successful part-time entrepreneur

For example, if you work a full time job (we’ll say an 8 hour day). Then you come home, eat dinner and spend time with your family (this includes sporting events, dinner, church and tucking in your kids). After you do all that it’s around 9pm. The normal person watches some mind-numbing television shows and relaxes until 11pm then goes to bed, wakes up at 6 and starts all over again. But not the successful part-time entrepreneur.

You see, the successful entrepreneur forgoes the television and goes over to his computer and works from 9pm-11pm on the tasks that MUST be done in his business. He blocks out 2 hours a day, 7 days a week in the evening. Then he gets up an hour early (5am instead of 6 am), and works an additional hour on his online business. That’s a total of 3 hours a day of focuses, dedicated work. Do that for 7 days and you’ve just spent a total of 21 hours working on your business without taking away from your family time.

You can do some serious flipping damage in 21 hours. Heck, 21 hours a week equals 84 hours a month. That equals 1,008 hours in one year. 1,008 hours breaks down to 42 working days! So if you only spend 3 focused hours a day on your entrepreneurial idea, in one year’s time you would have worked 42 solid days on your business. Can you imagine how much you could accomplish in that time?

Keep in mind though, this time has to be FOCUSED. Don’t bounce around from blog to blog, Facebooking, wasting time on Pinterest or email. Get your list of things that MUST be done on your business, then start with #1. Work at it until it’s finished, then go onto #2 and so on.

Do you agree that you can accomplish a lot in 1,008 hours? Do you agree that your dream (your business) is worth the extra effort? Do you agree that if you write things down and make a distinct to-do list you’ll get more accomplished? Are you a little confused on exactly what you MUST do in your business? If so, this will help. 4 Simple Steps to a Stable Online Business.

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,

Shane Boyd

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