Be A Rhino In Your Field, Not A Dodo Bird

A Rhino doesn’t see threats or problems.  A Rhino sees opportunity.  A Rhino is thick skinned and tenacious.  It never quits.  It never gives up.  It never backs down and it knows no fear.  It charges and presses onward always. 








Be a Rhino in your field and outwork everyone else.  When other people are getting tired…keep going.  When other people are ready to throw in the towel…keep going.  When other people whine and complain…keep going.  And when other people are ready to leave because it’s too hard and they don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…keep going.

Rhino Charging







You see, a Rhino can run about 30-50 mph.  And every expert would agree, that if a Rhino is charging toward you, your best bet is to get out of the way.  Because you’re NOT going to stop it.

Be a Rhino in your field!  Keep going.  The Rhino’s still here after all these years.  Poachers won’t stop the Rhino.  Predators won’t stop the Rhino.  Time won’t stop the Rhino.  NOTHING will stop the Rhino.

And the Dodo bird?  Well?




Not so much.






Every day when you wake up, decide to be the Rhino in your field.  Keep working, keeping doing and keep going.  I have a saying that goes through my head often.  I say to myself,  “I may not be the prettiest person in my field, but dammit I work harder than anyone else to get what I want.”





The Rhino is not the prettiest animal around.  But dammit, when he starts charging there’s no stopping him.  He’ll outwork anyone.  And so can you.  Be tenacious like a Rhino in your business and success will soon follow.

Best wishes,

Shane Boyd

P.S. Even a Rhino can learn from other animals in the herd.  And so can you. 

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