Are You Working, Or Just Chasing Fantasies?

After your work day, what have you produced?  Do you have anything to show for it?  Or are you simply giving lip service? 

You see, a lot of people want to work from home and earn a ton of money online, but they have one thing stopping them.  There is one single thing, that if they could fix it, not only would a floodgate of profits open for them, but they would feel fulfilled and happy at the end of the day.  Can you guess what that one thing is?

It’s NOT the lack of money.

It’s NOT the lack of knowledge.

It’s NOT the lack of resources.


It’s NOT the lack of time. 

It’s lack of direction. 

So many people that who try to start a business online lack real direction.  They have no plan, no road map and no idea what they are doing.  So they spend hours a day online bouncing from forum to forum.  They’ll check emails about 30 times a day and they’ll Facebook and send tweets.  All in hopes of fooling themselves into believing they are working as “internet marketers”. 

Yea right.  Spare me.  That’s not work, that wasting time.  Almost like…chasing a fantasy. 

Proverbs 12:11 says: “Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense”. 

So at the end of the day, have you been working your land (i.e. building your business)?  Or have you been chasing fantasies (i.e. wasting time online)?

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Forum marketing should be part of your business plan.  And so should Facebook, Twitter, blogging, podcasting, creating videos, sending emails and so on.  But each of those tasks should bring you closer to your main objective.  And if it does not bring you closer to your main objective, then you should scrap it.

For example, the next time you log into Facebook, ask yourself this question: “Will this bring me closer to or further from my main objective?”  If the answer is “further from”, then don’t log in.  Go do something productive instead.

Every day should be planned out. Every day should have a list of objectives that must be met.  Start at number one and don’t move on until you finish it.  Then go to step two.  Don’t leave step 2 until you finish the task and so on. 

Working online requires a lot of discipline.  And initially it is HARD WORK.  But, rewarding.  But you have to have direction.  Otherwise you’ll flounder all over the place and you won’t accomplish anything.  You’ll only be chasing fantasies.

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Until next time,

Shane Boyd

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