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Shane Boyd

Shane BoydShane Boyd has been an entrepreneur since 2004 when he started his first business, a home inspection company. He’s been a student of marketing since 2005; however, it wasn’t until 2010 that he started his college career. Shane earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the Coastal Carolina University in May, 2013. In August, 2013 Shane entered the MBA program at Coastal Carolina University and graduated as MBA Studen of the Year in 2014.  However, from 2005 until current, Shane has been a part of multiple successful entrepreneurial ventures such as Growing Churches For Him (church marketing consulting firm), Shane Boyd Consulting (business consulting), Personal Branding for the 21st Century Entrepreneur (personal branding product, PDFs and MP3’s) and his most recent (and most successful venture) Shane Boyd International, LLC.


Direct Response Marketing Expert for Small Business


Shane’s considered an expert in direct response marketing for small businesses. Direct response marketing is how he grew his home inspection company over 45% in one year, and direct response marketing is how Shane has grown his online company as well, Shane Boyd International, LLC. He uses his 10+ years of business and marketing experience to help small business owners develop business plans, marketing plans, unique selling propositions and achieve a positive work/life balance.


Public Speaking


Shane is a sought after professional speaker. He has delivered speeches to college students at Coastal Carolina University, Toastmasters and Real Estate professionals’ offices. Shane uses his wit and humor to teach lessons in marketing, sales, business. He’s considered a powerful motivational speaker inspiring audiences wherever he goes. One of his favorite topics is about second chances.


Second Chances


Shane’s life has been no crystal staircase. At the age of 22 he was involved in a serious car accident where he fell out of a moving truck and had the back tire(s) of the truck run over his head. He was in the hospital for about a week in a semi-comatose state. Within 4 weeks of the accident Shane was back to work part time and within 6 weeks of the accident he was back in the gym three days a week and working full time. Shane was given a second chance at life, and now he’s using his second chance to help small business owners just like you achieve a work/life balance that is not only fun and fulfilling, but profitable as well.


Home Life


Shane is originally from Ohio, but he currently resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with his wife of 11 years and his two kids. He plans on living in Myrtle Beach (at least for the next 8 years) until his son goes to college.  Shane will continue to serve his community in Cub Scouts, church and helping business owners help themselves.

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